On Thursday 4-11-19 the Bath County Bass Team was invited to Minor E. Clark fish hatchery to see how they take eggs from muskey’s so they can hatch them.

We started early watching them shock up big females and males in the stock ponds. Then we we’re shown how they extract the eggs and fertilize them, they take 15 days to hatch.

They keep growing till they reach 13 inches before they are stocked all over state they estimate it costs about $25 per fish.

We also got to look at the bass pond where we saw bass nesting before we took lunch. After lunch we were invited to the Corp of engineer office for a tour of the dam. We were about to see something only a few get to see a tour of the tower.

Everyone was very excited and nervous we had to split into 2 groups.

Inside we’re not allowed to take any photos we were shown how they monitor flow and how it worked.

We took a very small elevator to the bottom and were shown the gate that releases water that regulates the flow into the river for flood control .We were 50ft below the water at this time and it was very intimidating.

We had a very educational day and I would like to thank all who made this possible. Melanie Erwin, Danny Fraley, all the employees at Minor E. Clark fish hatchery and the Corps of Engineers.

On Saturday 4-13-19 were back in competition fishing the FLW open on Lake Cumberland.

179 boats registered from all across the country to compete for 15 spots in the national tournament to be held in Alabama in June.

We took 3 boats to compete and we continued to show we are a team to watch.

We had 1 team to qualify for the nationals and 1 team that only missed the cut by 2 ounces.

The team of Spencer Pergrem and Jacob Conyers qualified with a 5 bass limit that weighed 11.13 lbs.

Brent Pergrem boat captain said they had 4 bass by 12:00 and Jacob put the last fish in boat with just minutes before they had to quit.

The boat of Maycee Lyons and Griffin Fraley finished 21st with 9.12 lbs with only 3 fish. Maycee told me she had a fish on that would have gave them enough to qualify but she didn’t get a good hook in it and it pulled off at boat.

Jimmy Lyons boat captain said they had good practice day before but something changed on Saturday that’s fishing.

The boat of Mason Lyons and Carson Vice didn’t have a keeper but caught many small fish.

Talking to Casey Lyons their boat captain he said later boat number hurt them.

Their spots had someone already on them and they had to find new ones.

We now only have 2 tournaments left next week 4-20-19 Montgomery County tournament at cave run lake and 4-27-19 is our regional championship on cave run lake.

We would like to see everyone at the take off and weigh in.

Coach Dwayne Carpenter