Wildcats News · BC Anglers @ KHSAA Regional

Bath County Bass Fishing Team Closes Regular Season in KHSAA Regional:

On Saturday the Bath County Bass Fishing Team was back in action at the KHSAA Regional tournament on Cave Run Lake.
The team had high expectations going into Saturday.
We had pre-fished the days and week before and were on lots of good fish, but as all anglers know who fish on Cave Run Lake, things can change quickly.

On Friday a severe cold front came through and changed fishing conditions.
After talking to my boat captains and assistant coach Chris Hunt we think the bigger fish had moved to deeper water.
The teams caught a lot of small fish that were not eligible to keep for weigh in.

We took the maximum number six boats to compete at regional. There were 93 boats competing for the top 17 spots in the state tournament.

We had 3 boats to weigh in fish.

They were:  Maycee Lyons and Griffin Fraley finishing 32nd out of 93;

Spencer Pergrem and Jacob Conyers finished 36th,

and the team of Corey Norris and Preston (Lane)Curtis finished 52nd.

We had three other teams that caught fish but none that could weigh in.
They were team Mason Emmons and Charlie Hay, team Gabe Crabtree and Ethan Ferrell, team Mason Lyons and Carson Vice.

The bright spot for Saturday was the team of Corey Norris and Preston (Lane) Curtis.
This was their first large tournament, and they were able to walk across the big stage for their first weigh-in on Saturday.

These two anglers came to all the meetings to support their team mates even when they didn’t get to fish. The team was extremely happy for them.  Their boat captain Chris Hunt said Preston (Lane) Curtis had a fish on about 10:30 that morning that came off when it got caught on a log. This catch would have moved them up in the standings and put them in front of their teammates.

These two and their teammates are already looking forward to next year.

Although our season is over for KHSAA, there is still a lot of fishing left this summer. We have two boat teams that qualified on Lake Cumberland to fish in the High School National Championship in June on Pickwick in Alabama.

Those two teams are:  team Mason Emmons and Mason Lyons, team Spencer Pergrem and Jacob Conyers.

We also have Maycee Lyons and Griffin Fraley who qualified to fish the Bassmaster High School Nationals by winning first place at the Bradley Roy High School Open this past fall on Herrington.

I would like to wish all of them the best of luck. We have had a great season, and I’m very proud of all my anglers.  I think they are the best in the state.

I would like to thank my seniors for three great years: Jacob Conyers,Spencer Pergrem,Mason Emmons.  They will be missed!

I would also like to thank my boat captains for all they do:  Brent Pergrem, Jimmy Lyons, Danny Fraley, Casey Lyons, Patrick Ferrell and my assistant coach Chris Hunt.

A special thanks goes to Sherri Pergrem and Emily Hunt.

I would especially like to thank our sponsors.  They make the team and the season possible.

Thanks to the board of education and the school staff that help us throughout the year including Rick Staviski, Mrs. Erwin and our team’s athletic director Jeff Eaglin.

Appreciation also goes to the local papers for covering our stories.

Most importantly thanks to our Heavenly Father for a safe season.

Without Him nothing is possible.

—-Coach Dewayne Carpenter