Wildcats News · Construction Areas Closed at High School

Parents, guardians, students, faculty, staff and community members

The High School Back Parking Lots behind the gym and the school are closed until further notice due to Construction and Paving.

Packs+Walker employees are working diligently to complete the project on time and they need everyone’s assistance in staying out of this area until it is re-opened

At this time, ABSOLUTELY NO TRAFFIC is PERMITTED in that area, even to drop off or pick up

Parking is available in the front of the school where staff and visitors park and in the parking lot by the bus garage.

In Addition, Only Authorized Personnel are Permitted in the School Building at this time

There are several active renovations and the hallway space is needed

Our goal is to keep everyone safe and allow the construction workers to complete their jobs effectively and efficiently

Safety is always our top priority

Thank you for your cooperation with these matters